Processing Birth

I've started about 6 different postings since the last one. I haven't finished any of them for varied reasons including interrupted by breastfeeding, I can't get all my thoughts together on a given topic, I have too much to say, I haven't processed through a topic and it gets all rambly.

Thus far, I think that things are going pretty well with the Doll O'Mahoney's. There was and still is some drama with Junia losing too much weight after birth and the pediatricians going unnecessarily ape-shit on us. But basically I think we've got a pretty good baby on our hands. She breastfeeds really well (she is doing so right now, as I type this), she sleeps really well in the night so much so that we awaken her every three hours to eat because I am up then to take pain medication anyway and because we are trying to get her body weight up. She also does pretty well on her own. No no, we aren't leaving her home by herself, but she periodically is content to lay alone in her bed for 15 minutes or so. We figure this is a good thing for her to explore the world no always in someones arms- so we are up for it. Don't worry though, she's getting lots of holding, lots of love, and lots of good eye contact.

Sean and I are also working through the emotions of the week of labor. We are slowly processing all that happened to us and the ways in which the birth was the exact opposite of the kind that we had prepared for. We are also celebrating the ways in which our laboring at home brought us closer together. We are holding a significant amount of grief over the parts of labor that felt lonely, impersonal and broken but all in all the giftedness of us as as couple is our ability to process feelings. So we are going through our days with joy around our daughter and processing around all that is happening.


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