Fingerpaint in the bathtub

Amid a basket load of totally petty frustrations I thought I would post something that made life with a toddler sound ideally and all dreamlike.

I love for Junia to have chances to get totally sloppy messy. I don't love the clean up. That is until last night. Fingerpaint in the tub!!! This was an idea I got from by the end of our venture Junia was totally painted as was the tub. Clearly these photos were from the first 5 minutes.  All in all she probably spent about 25-30 minutes at this one activity. Impressive for her!

Clean up was a shower and a washcloth. It was awesome!


  1. This seems like such a great idea!

  2. Great Idea! Foster loves to use the markers, so this might work for him too!


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