Blessing for nurses

 Sean and I are taking care of some family stuff this weekend and sadly, so sadly, so so sadly I had to get someone else to do the Blessing of the Nursing Students at work tomorrow.    As such I thought I would share one of my most favorite and heartfelt blessings I have ever written:

A Blessing for Nurses (at their Pining)

We pray today, that God's spirit be poured out on these nurses in the care they provide: 

As you touch the patients who suffer,  may your own suffering bring you true empathy. 

As you accompany individuals whose bodies are newly changed, may your touch remind them of their inherent dignity. 

As you sit with people whose lives will never be as they once were, may you resist the impulse to fix what is “broken” and be in the honesty of their grief. 

As you touch the bodies of people who are moving from life to death may your hands be peace in the sacred passing that awaits us all. 

As you care for patients who are sorting out all kinds of medical issues and concerns may your hands be the touch of comfort amid fear and confusion 

As you nurse patients who are defiant, strong, afraid, and bold may your spirit be generous to the stresses that patients wrestle with. 

As you encounter patients who seem utterly different from you may you claim a curiosity about all those around you. 

As you welcome babies, care for the elderly, prepare for surgery, accompany those struggling with mental illness, discharge people, cry with families, insert IV’s, administer drugs, and through all the myriad of relationships and tasks that nurses are involved in may you hold central to your work that, for patients, this time is sacred, and perhaps scary, 

may your hands  might be the source of comfort that they need. 

We ask this of you God, Who with many names and in many languages is  called out to in hospitals and healthcare settings all over the world 
Bless us. 
Bless these hands. 
Bless the moments that will unfold. 
Bless the work they will do. 
The people they will care for. 
God of all, we ask this of you. 


  1. Thank you. I have had fabulous nurses and caregivers on my rocky road. Perhaps one or two were blessed by you!


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