About Me

Thanks for taking a look around my blog.  I'm a progressive, radical (meaning rooted but perhaps offensive) Christian minister by profession (and vocation), partnered to a man, and parenting 3 kiddos.

You'll find a scattered assortment of personal sharing, cultural critique, creative attempts, theology, religious musings, family life, gardening, feminism, kidstuff and poetry.   Almost all of it could be categorized as, "reflection."  I hope you'll enjoy the musings and if you don't you are welcome to not return.

I (and We) trying to live life being attentive to joy, hope, struggle, sadness, anger and to what ever unfolds before us/me. We do well at being in each day but lets be honest some days it is hard to be attentive to the gift of it all other days I find myself in the mindless void.  That's just real.

In my living and loving I hope to be bold, prophetic, and deeply present.


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