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It is good.

3 snow days

I'm a disaster after 4.

Addendum to the previous post

Is God a palindrome?

The honeymoon is on- and vaccinations are in!

Ministry and Feminism. Where do they meet?

Letting go of the mess

Grandma's Cookbook

To do nothing


3 days of marriage!

Another Poem

We are breathing

Emily Dickenson- It's all I have


Wedding Dreams

Living in the grey

Soon and very soon. . .

Poem 2

We are engaged! No surprise right.

Prayer and Transition

Where are we going and what do we wish?

Credo on weddings.



Movin' On

The big day?

Housing is harder than caterers

Starting to feel like a family. . .

It's in tents!

It has a ring to it. . .


Elopement or excitement?

The Name Game

West Coast-him vs. East Coast-me on communication

Spring or Autumn

A decision we do feel good about

That'll be $19.95 for Nastay

Thank you for the STD and other DIY

Registering is not fun for everyone