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Unusual Landscape

This is reality. Frustrating, embarrassing, hilarious reality.

Christmas Continues

Christmas Cheer

An Advent Reflection for 580 Teenagers.

Toy Drive for Teens

A moment alone!

Pumpkin Yumminess

Negotiating Traditions

Creating Tradition

Working Girl

The Sleep Issue

2 Five Dollar deals in Seattle!

Ordinary Extraordinary

Some more pictures

The High Stress of Childcare

New Vision

Parenting Style

Nothing Whatsoever

On Breastfeeding

The Grind

A Different Kind of Childhood

Making Pickles

Homemade Wipes


I love my daughter- finally, actually

Some pictures from our ordinary

It takes a village...Seattle parenting help


'Tis a gift to be simple

Where is God

Whats up

5 weeks.

What about Papa

Because she's our only child we take pictures