I blog about poetry a lot!  Just click on the previous sentence to see.

I did not like poetry in high school.
I didn't even like poetry in college- though I started to be attracted to it.

When my father died while I was in graduate school I craved words that captured something.  So I perused the glorious bookstores of Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville and started reading poetry.  And in it I heard the songs of people's hearts, their thoughts, their ideas, their fears, longings, ponderings etc.  I was hooked.

I wanted poetry that captured simple things about life.

Incarnational if you ask me!  God in the ordinary!

I heard Ted Kooser (poet laureate sometime in the 2000's)  say at a poetry reading that T.S. Elliot did a disservice to poetry because he made it inaccessible to ordinary people.  I wholly concur.  YOu shouldn't have to take a class to understand poetry.

Some of my own poetry


Spring Delights


A Prayer for Revolutionary Love

The Tatooed Lady by Ted Kooser

Poems from the Middle East
Jack Prelutsky Children's Poet
Reality is Beauty

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