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First foods from the garden!

What did I get at Mood?


Guess where we are...

April 21 Poetry: Little Girls in Church, Kathleen Norris

Oh Evangelicals..

April 19 Poetry: Poems from the MIddle East

Holy Week Hope- Eggs!

April 18 Poetry: Translation

April 17 Poetry: Sharon Olds, The Mother

Taking your kid out of Church

April 13 Poetry: Jane Kenyon, Let Evening Come

April 12 Poetry: The Catholic Thing-

No money+Magazines=better looking front door.

April 11 Poetry: Echolocation and trip to th Zoo!

April 10 Poetry: Mary Oliver, The Word and my own word...

April 9 Poetry: Children's poetry Jack Prelutsky

April 8 Poetry: Eleven

April 7 Poem: Lucille Clifton feminist awesome

April 6 Poem: Poem for caregivers

April 5 Poetry: A Blind Man's house at the Edge of a Cliff

April 4 Poetry: Robert Cording, Erasure

Making ugly shoes beautiful

April 2 Poetry: Hanging the Wash

Poetry Month