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For comparison's sake

I found the camera cord!

Still Sounds the Buoy from the Sea

Things I want to do

New warm breakfast ideas...

Finding a church...

Picture project update

A Simple Joy

What we are reading

I have to admit it's getting better...


one of these is not like the others

Tuesday's Photo

Thursday and Friday's Pictures

2 Camps- but no sleep.

Buttercream Frosting

Wednesday's Pictures

Bringing a baby to work coming to an end.

A Homily for 580 teenagers honoring MLK

View from 2 feet up

Milk can be contagious

Day 1 Photos

Christmas Past

A challenge to myself

It could be worse...

Gray realities

A tooth

Junia Videos...

Island Fantasy

wwjd-but seriously-wwjd.

A dark start to 2010