Sew what? Hobbies.

I like to sew, to paint things, to putz on pinterest, to play with color, to invent "nifty" contraptions.  Yup that's me!  Some seasons I am focused on things others I am in and out.  Thanks for looking around

A whole lot of sewing going on!

Crafty creations

 here too!

My Mother hates sewing!!  In graduate school I found a sewing machine in an old apartment building I lived in. I never figured out how it worked and decided I was hopeless.  Then I confessed to a friend I couldn't sew and wished I knew how.  So she paid another friend to teach me.  Alas, the best hobby ever!

My Favorite Projects:

These wonderful skirts for work and play

This pillowcase turned skirt

Snow pants!

Duvet & Bedskirt

I have an Etsy shop that I sell a couple things on too! Check it out!

RDOLL etsy shop

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