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This is going to sound obvious to you; believe me, I know.  But sometimes even the most ordinary things can inpsire awe.  Today I am in awe that 6 months from now it will be hot outside. Even 4 or 5 months from now it could be in the 90's and we would be non plussed.  But today the ground is rested snuggly under 6 inches of a snow comforter. More snow, ice and some frigid weather is on the way. 

One theory about ancient people's is that winter solstice rituals were created to celebrate the return of the sun- but also to pray for it.  Deep inside of my I am anxious about summer not returning.  Somewhere deep in me I know that winter is okay- but only if it abates...eventually. 

Blessed be our God who brings us from winter to spring
from spring into summer
from summer into fall
and fall into winter.
Blessed be our God who does this again and again.
Blessed be our God who gave us a foundation for the world that is based on change.
Blessed be the tilting of the earth.
Blessed be …

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