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I have nothing concise to throw out here in the universe, but I feel the need to put something into this space.    So alas, on of my disconnected lists:

 I am writing a book right now about Advent.  It isn't really writing it as much as putting it together and adding some questions for reflection.  It is a funny time to be sitting with Advent themes, and also it is useful.  The readings from the season of Advent remind me again and again that our hope is not in THIS world. 

We had friends in town this weekend which was LOVELY!  I didn't really think that we would see many more people here in Indiana, but even though coastal folks call this "flyover" country, it is still easier and cheaper to get to than Seattle.  We also have a house large enough to host people and not having a paying job allows for me to be more flexible and welcoming.

I have been spending 1 morning a week at the public libraries in Indianapolis.  I'm doing writing, email, and always snagging a …

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