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My impressions

My sister said to me, "In the pacific northwest you feel like a midwesterner but when you get to the midwest you will feel like a Pacific Northwesterner."  She is so right.

Even though I have lived in the midwest and have visited (almost) annually I am able to see through a new lens.

So here are some impressions.  As you will see some are Indiapolis specific and others are more regional.

1. Fewer people recyle here.  And by fewer I mean almost no businesses.  It is terrible. Aggregious. Unethical.  I went to a super hipter-ish coffee shop and they gave me a latte in a styrofoam cup.  Seriously people styrofoam is so so bad for the environment. We need to stop.

2. There are churches everywhere.  Seriously everywhere.

3.  There are however more bugs than churches.   I cannot believe how many bugs are everywhere.  This world is full of bugs.  They are loud, they are crawly and flying.  It is so strange.  There is a sound-track to the summer here.  And this soundtrack is so dis…

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