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How many posts can I do about how sad I am?

Last night Sean and I watched "Parts Unknown: Seattle" it's a CNN series where Chef Anthony Bourdain goes to cities and learns about them while eating and conversing with locals.  We watched the Seattle episode.   As folks who lived there for 10 years, it was a bad episode.  They didn't eat any Vietnamese food or Teriyaki (except hipster vietnamese but really?), he almost exclusively talked to white folks, the musician they highlighted hasn't lived in Seattle in 20 years!


The "Parts Unknown" doesn't matter really.  That show is just the threshold to the grief of loving a place that we don't live in (and probably never will).    I was already having a sad day.

How many posts can I do about how sad I am?

Making friends when you are 36 is so hard, and also I am more picky than ever and don't want a bunch of bullshit friends.  Besides, I married my best friend so maybe I don't need that many friends.

Things were so so hard for us on V…

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