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So many ideas...

I am an ideas person. At any given moment I have 7 really good ideas for projects, programs, or things that need to exist in the world.  It is no surprise that many of these ideas are related to ministry, I am, after all, impacted by the things I think about.

In my working life having many ideas has been almost universally helpful.  When the question is: "How do we engaged X group of students?" I have 7 ideas that are all REALLY different about how to engage X group of students.  Weighing out the pros and cons of the ideas is half the fun.  Also, I think that being an "ideas person" makes me less attached to ideas and programs as they exist.  Generally I am interested in change and in letting to of things that aren't working very well.

If being an ideas person has been almost universally helpful at work it is now less so at home.   In fact, I think that being an "ideas person" and being a stay at home parent are in pretty sharp conflict.   So now I ha…

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