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Forgive me Mother, I have sinned...

So I am doing some religious education here at home this summer.  When Thomas takes naps the girls and I are exploring Catholic faith.  Each week we are taking on a sacrament.  So we are only in day 2, so we will see how this goes.  What I am finding, as I prepare, is so much of my OWN baggage.

Eucharist.  I can handle.
Baptism. I got it.
Even Confirmation- I can handle in theory...

But how in the world am I going to teach them about the sacrament of reconciliation?  I have been to confession a handful of times in the past 10 years. Each one of them involved days and weeks of personal reflection and preparation.  I spent time considering what the "root" of my sins were, I considered the things that I actually wanted to put energy into and change. I also considered what places I wanted God's grace to be more manifest.

Then I went to confession and it was incredibly unsatisfying.

All the preparation though. Processing with Sean, my partner, about what I wanted to work on a…

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