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Gardening 2018: Garden Dreams

The first year in a new home means surprises in the garden!  From the looks of things we will have daffodils and some tulips come up this spring.  I also noticed in an outside walk around yesterday that there is wild garlic all over the place!  Called "Crow Garlic" I am looking forward to cooking up something (soon) with some foraged stuff. 

Maggie, our ancient beloved dog, seems to have killed the bushes in the front from laying under them and digging around.  Seems to me like replacing them is inevitable.  Also, there is english Ivy everywhere!  We are not huge users of round up but I think we might just do a spraying of a bunch of the Ivy just to get it a bit under control.  Some of the trees are losing their battle to it's climbing.  There are some other invasive bushes in our little gully as well so I am hoping to clear out some of that and give some of the under-story plants a chance (at least poison ivy is native!)

Our vegetable garden is planned for the front of …

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