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The Slow Movement of Things

To say I am depressed is inaccurate.  I am not depressed, but I am very very sad about being laid off.  I sometimes see what is happening at my old place of employment and think, "They laid me of? Me? I could do that better..." or I think about students I connected with and dreams I had...

Of course I had also thought a lot about resigning and offering myself (or my salary) along with the budget cuts, and because of that I am able to remember that part of me was VERY done working there.  I remember that many of the decisions my supervisor made I disagreed with.  Because of that, it wasn't going to be a great place for me for a long time. . . Anyway, I today was a day that I got caught in the hole of being depressed about being laid off.

I don't know how or where to place my gifts.
I like being at home with the kiddos and I don't quite know what to do with myself.
I have a list of thing I could do each day but I don't want to...Seriously I don't want to wa…

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