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Bees and love.

I don't know what it is but something about these bees is magical.  Perhaps it is the history of beekeeping in the world that enamors me.  I am enchanted with their industriousness, and yet, without each other each one is useless.   They are profoundly interdependent.

Any honey we get from our bees is also a gift.  We don't eat bees (unlike other kinds of husbandry) they produce for us.  They are the farmer, the maker, the creator of the wax & honey.

I read somewhere, in all the reading I've been doing about bees that women are thought to be better beekeepers because they understand that care taking involves pain (think childbirth).  They are not afraid to be stung  and so they are more calm.  I cannot imagine this is true, (because men understand pain and love too).  But I like this idea.  I like the concept that pain and love are interconnected not dislocated.

There is also a myth around beekeeping that says when something important is happening in your life you mus…

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