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The weather.

It is surprisingly hard to NOT be obsessed with the weather when you live in the midwest.

Seattle weather was no joke but it was so predictable.  Looking at the weather forecast was NOT something I did regularly there, and I commuted on Bus, Boat and foot.  In Seattle the winter months were usually rainy and chilly somewhere between 35-50 and if it was slightly warmer or slightly cooler than that it was a pleasant surprise.  The summer was similiarly predicatable.  Warm and clear.  Again, there were be variations of that but they were not radical.

For those of you who know me well you might be thinking, "How is this surprising to you? You are from the Midwest?"

It is true, I am from here.  But somehow in my 22 years of living here I was not paying attention to the weather.  I literally cannot remember anything about the weather.  I have memories involving weather. I remember my uncle Jim using a fishing pole to fly a kite (and reel it in) on a cold windy day. But I don't…

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