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A God in the House: An Exerpt

I'm perusing this book of late, A God in the House: Poets Talk about Faith. I also am perusing it not reading it because I find myself hopping around rather than reading it cover to cover (I am a cover to cover kind of reader)

Anyway I am reading this book and came across the chapter by Fanny Howe.  I don't know her poetry but her description of being a Catholic felt to deeply resonant with me I wanted to share:

"This marriage [to the Catholic church] has been like any other: loving, boring at times, disappointing, occasionally joyful, in the end a matter of habit and perseverance. Unlike a human marriage, it bears no fruits and give no physical warmth.  The Catholic church turns a person in to a Protestant, mentally. You find yourself constantly arguing with texts, testing them, and feeling indignation against dogma, dull vocabulary, hierarchies, moralizing, and patronizing vocabulary. You are not "spiritual' when you are Catholic You are critical. You have a str…

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