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Priest. Prophet and King.

We anoint them priest, prophet and king (ruler) when they are baptized.  We anoint children NOT for what they will be, but for what they are.  Our children, at Baptism already are Priest, Prophet and Kings.

In the work of bringing the Kingdom of God here, into this world and her broken places, adults are so often and so importantly the protectors and voices for children.  We guard the vulnerability of children.  We speak, in priestly, prophetic and powerful ways to ensure they are not wounded in their vulnerability.

But it is not just us the experienced, literate, large voiced people who are anointed Priest, Prophet and King.  Our children are already there... As we do the powerful and profound work of inviting the Kindom of God into the here and now let's imagine a world where the vulnerable voices of children are priestly, prophetic and powerful.  Let's imagine a world where imagining, asking, crying, laughing, and dancing, (perhaps also whining, hungering, napping, singing…

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