Wedding Dreams

The picture above is not me, my dress, or our flowers. But I like pictures on these blogs.

Last night I had my first wedding dream. A couple bullet points rather than summarizing the whole thing:

-The chairs weren't at the wedding sight. But we got married anyway.
-I was wearing jeans underneath my dress- I didn't realize until after though because we were so busy getting things ready.
-The O'Mahoney's (all of them) didn't show up at all! There was confusion about the hotel room, and getting a new one, and dates and times but we didn't realize until afterwards.
-On the way to the BBQ I realized I hadn't married Sean but had married a collegue from work (it's a dream crazy things happen)
-I also remember realizing I hadn't gotten my dress fitted and realized it fit pretty well anyway.

So that's the major points of the dream. It wasn't scary. It was anxiety at first, and then lots of good, and then anxiety at the end with no O'Mahoney's and marrying the wrong person. Then I woke up and was grateful it wasn't real.

Wedding things are on my mind though. I need to cut my hair- Did I tell anyone that I've been just cutting it at home with clippers. It looks like a crew cut for a couple of days and then grows into cute- I like how it is right now- but I want it to be like this for the wedding. So I should cut it now.

I need to get the dress fitted- but first I need to figure out what underwear (mostly bra) I am going to wear. But this involves taking the time to go to a store. Which involves taking time out of life, or stopping on the way home from work or any such thing. All of which aren't scheduled into my life.

I also need to work on the program. But I can only work on it on my computer at work because that is the only one we have with publisher. And that also means that I need to remember to email the ceremony document and a poem called "Gates" to myself so I have them when I am at work some day (of course I will do it after hours- give me the benefit of the doubt).

So these are the things that rumble through my mind all the time. Wedding things- so soon. So exciting. I am looking forward to it. In fact, I am looking forward to it so much I am ignoring it- because I have too much to do with work to get excited about something so far away.

That is that.


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