Notes from a Growing Family

September always startles me into the reality that summer is over.  All at once I begin work in full. In fact, it is the ONLY time of the year that I work full time without a break for several weeks at a time. A lot of people do this all the time but it is so startling to me.

Junia and Miriam are in school and doing well.  Both thriving and happy. Miriam is still in Preschool or as she is very adamant about: Pre-K.  This girl is jonesing for Kindergarten.

As we are 2 weeks into the school year that means also that we are all sick.  Today is a slow friday here. I feel lousy. I meant to take a nap today, but you can imagine how that went.  Alas, it was good that I did not.  The refrigerator repair person called and arrived 30 minutes after Miriam and Thomas went down for a nap.  Anyway, we are all snotty and feeling lousy.  (only 5 more hours to bedtime!)

We swapped out summer clothing for fall/winter clothing this weekend.  That makes it kind of officially fall here.  I also have a friend with 2 girls just a bit older than Junia. We just got 6 bags of clothes, shoes, coats, and jackets from her. Junia also scored a pair of cowboy boots. About these boots she told me, "I always wanted a pair and now my dream has finally come true."  To be fair, she has always wanted a pair really for "her whole life."

There are parts of life right now that feel very hard and strained.  Our dreaming is fantastic and impractical and also ordinary and very simple too.

Such is life. Such is life.


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