This rain is killin' me.

I am losing my mind.

This rain. These clouds. All of this is causing all of us to lose our minds.

Seriously look at this article:


In my nearly 10 years of living here this has been the worst winter.

Even people who have lived here their whole lives (who also don't really like the clouds) say that this is bad. . .. Really bad.

WE have had almost no sunshine since like...September maybe?

I am done being cooped up inside.
I am done getting wet doing the simplest things.
I am done, done, done.

More than anything I think it is the lack of sunshine and Vitamin D.
We need a trip to the desert like a person needs to go pee every morning- meaning that we need it urgently.

I just want to whine, whine, whine.
But it won't fix anything.


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