Healthcare and being fat

Yesterday was 73 and sunny and then a strange series of thunderstorms rolled through.
Back to cool and cloudy.

All of our chickens are dead for reasons I don't want to go into.

I went to the Podiatrist on Wednesday to look at my foot. My ankle has been bothering me since---well since I was born---but really bothering me since January or so.  Lots of rest hasn't helped. Lots of stretching hasn't helped.  No wonder it hasn't helped. I have 2 little bone pieces in my ankle that don't belong where they are.  Even though nothing is fixed yet my mental health around it is so much better.  Knowing that I have valid reasons to feel pain is helpful.   The physician also didn't fat shame me which is always shocking when I leave the doctors office feeling supported as a human being instead of being treated like shit.

I just read Lindy West's book Shrill which you should read if you posses and interest in exploring life through the lens of Fatness/Whiteness/Americanness (I probably just should have left of the ness in those words). Since I am also fat/white/and American her perspective resonated with many of my experiences.

Yesterday the House of Representatives in the Federal Government passed an atrocious healthcare bill.  Maybe we should be surprised that this passed.  Except that for me, as a fat person (who also has a ton of white privelege)  I have struggled time and time again to be treated like person.  I mean, I shouldn't leave the Doctor's office surprised that I wasn't treated like shit- but I do! I cannot imagine what kind of terrible experiences people who have brown bodies, or bodies that work and move in non- normative ways or people who need support and medicine to stay alive day after day must feel. Yesterday a part of our governement voted to make them less safe...We are so eager to strip away the right to be alive for people who do not fit the ideal.

In this country we have a humanity problem.
Everyone deserves  the dignity of living.  That this seems up for discussion in a way I find unethical..or dare I say- Evil.


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