Credo on weddings.

It's been awhile since the last post. Sean and I are on our trek across the country. We are here at stop number 2 in Toronto. Our time here has mostly been about hanging out with the family, enjoying the city and getting a couple small wedding details done. These details include: ordering our wedding rings and getting Sean a suit.

I guess I want to write a credo about weddings:

I believe that the weddings are validated in the presence of family, friends, and people who will (or have) love(d) an support(ed) individuals and the couple.

I believe that it is this group of people, as witnesses, and the couple making a commitment to each other that becomes marriage.

I believe that the state does not give us marriage. But because it is a social institution often involving children and property the state must become involved because of the problems that arise.

We give each other marriage in our words of commitment. No state official or religious official gives us marriage.

I've probably got a pile of other beliefs under this, they'll keep coming up. No doubt about that.


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