Prayer and Transition

Wow, it seems like it's been awhile since I have sat down and done this online online form of journaling and sharing. While driving across Kansas I recall having many thoughts about potential blogs. I was going to write about sharing gender roles, write about my reflections on aging (as I am not almost always viewed as an adult) or some other stuff. Maybe in due time I will. But being in Seattle in a beautiful but strange home with a whole new landscape has me so emotional. At moments I am excited to be in this city starting out married life with Sean, I feel weepy for the lack of community (so far) and the lack of familiarity (so many boxes to unpack!). There is so much future that will happen here- but the present is such ambivalence (I think most of adulthood seems to be chock full of ambivalence).

Last night during dinner Sean and I prayed. For me, and my imagination, I like to conjure up an image during prayer (some how old-man God doesn't do it for me all the time) and I noted that during this time I need remember or call to the center somehow that God is a God who (in our myth) stayed with Adam and Eve as they travelled out of their place of comfort, helped Noah establish a new home, journeyed with Israel for forty years, and then again exile after exile! This is the same God who stayed with Mary and Joseph when they (mythic ally again) travelled to Egypt and back to Nazareth. This God is the same God who Jesus prayed to on his long journey into Jerusalem. It is a reminder, amid my transition, that God's faithfulness is not for our easy times, or for our comfortable times, but God is most present in the times when we are vulnerable, available, and open to our own (constant) conversion. I guess that's my prayer: for peace amid the discomfort of newness, for friendship and fellowship with a community who will gently challenge my on my journey, revealing always the presence of God. And that amid whatever struggles we have Sean and I are drawn closer together. -Amen.


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