Does being a stay at home mom mandate gender role in household duties?

Let me just start with a question-

Does being a stay-at-home-woman-parent pretty much cause a division of gender roles in the household?

One of the cool things about being Sean and I, and both working is that we share household duties equally.  Seriously, I do not work a full time job and come home and do my other job.  I do work a full time job and come home and my partner and I keep our household going.  Sure we sort out some duties by preference and some by necessity but we really share.

We have grown to deeply value this for our family.  It is an expression of how much we value sharing in this and also giving our child(ren) an imagination that is not gender specific.   (It's also pretty handy that acts of service is a primary love language for me.) 

But it is feasible that we might be able to afford for me to stay at home in a year or two.  It also is a possiblity that as child #2 comes along, priorities, needs, and wants might shift in our family as well.

So as Sean and I start to do some discerning about our future...what do you think---

Does being a stay-at-home-woman-parent pretty much cause a division of gender roles? (even if you personally don't mind gender roles- what do'ya think)


  1. I think that being a stay-at-home parent mandates that the stay at home parent will naturally take on more role that have been traditionally the woman's role. And I think given the personality and parenting that you and I come from that if you stayed at home it would be very likely that you would end up taking on many more traditional roles in housekeeping. I'm excited to have more conversation about these ideas, but have to go to bed :)

  2. I'm not a stay at home parent, but I have been a stay at home spouse. In my experience I've naturally taken on more of the household chores which includes lawn upkeep. Some might say lawn care is traditionally a male role, but I do anything I think I can do and that I don't mind doing. :P But me doing most of the chores has not stopped my husband from helping me on occasion. He will cook, wash laundry, sweep, etc.

    So do I see the specific action of the woman staying home causing a division of gender roles? No, not necessarily. But individual attitudes, beliefs, opinions that are not flexible and adaptable are key to forming gender roles.

    I'm very curious to see how things will develop as we prepare for the birth of our first child, I take on more work, and we (he) complete the biggest chunk of our home remodeling.


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