Good family time.

I know I'm not the only one who finds family visits somewhat stress inducing.  They are for the visitors, hosts, and everyone in-between.  And, having parents in your home can be sticky at best.

BUT,we just had a lovely weekend with my Mom and a friend of hers (just friend not an allusion to something else).  I think some of what made it such a nice weekend was actually that we got out of our house and headed to a rental house someplace beautiful (what isn't Seattle beautiful enough?).

It worked great to have quality conversation time in the car while we travelled, to find a neutral house that we are all pretty much equally invested or uninvested in, and to go somewhere that feels like we are having a chance to get away in addition to our guests.

It is also fun to see my Mom and Junia get to know each other and for Junia to learn how to trust her.  After we said goodbye at the airport Junia snuggled up into my arms and said, "I feel sad. More Buddy." (Buddy is our family name for my Mom.

As with great family visits it felt too short.  My experience is that those are the best.

And I don't have any pictures because my camera has been ruined by sand.


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