Glad to be back...

We are back in our humid part of the world!  So here's how vacation was:

When Junia was 18 months old she used to repeat Maggies name again and again and again- hundreds- if not thousands of times a day.  Now that Miriam is 18 month's old she says Junia's name again and again and again.  At one point in the vacation Junia broke down and said through her fog of tears, "Miriam please stop saying my name."  Miriam didn't listen.  She just says it again and again and again and again and again...She is a talker that little one.

I like the desert.  I am glad to be back though in the clouds and rain (though it's supposed to be sunny for a couple of days).  But seriously they need to institute a siesta time in Arizona or get some clouds 'cuz it was beating me down.

2 kids know how to trash a hotel room like nothing else.  Seriously I think the only thing worse could have been a natural disaster.

I am so behind on work/email I am scared to go to bed tonight because that is surely when my work is going to flood my mind and I'm going to have to get some stuff done!

There is so much stinkin' laundry to do! Seriously it's amazing how much laundry one can need to do on a trip.  There is also a airplane backpack that needs to be unloaded and suitcases to be put away and summer clothes to be stashed until the next season and so does this happen?!

So alas, we had fun. So here's the summary: We enjoyed Tuscon a lot.  We will avoid Phoenix in the future. We loved our daytrip to Nogales, Mexico. We wish the gov't shutdown wouldn't have closed the national parks, we are considering becoming snowbirds in retirement, our skin is now dry and flaky from the  desert and sun, our  girls are more than thrilled to be back on a routine, Junia is now decent at taking pictures, Miriam knows about 60 new words, Junia chose the cutest pumpkin at school today, and I'm savoring being home.


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