I have nothing to blog about. I'm sorry.

We are on vacation.  (I know you aren't supposed to post that kind of thing, but someone is staying at our house so if you are reading this don't go there and steal our stuff).

We are enjoying sunshine and heat, pools and mexican food, we are noticing the birds and stars, we are getting sick of our kids and enjoying every bit of it.  It is lovely. I was dressed in normal clothes for almost 2 hours this morning. I am back in a state of undress again. It is great!

Sean and I celebrated our 5th anniversary in a low key fashion.  I am not sure it even counted as a celebration!  After all, I stayed in our hotel/home and read a book while Miriam went to bed early and Junia and Sean went to a movie that Junia had earned.  I don't have any complaints about not "celebrating." Sean and I celebrate a lot! Being on vacation is celebration and our time will come- this isn't the season of our life for lots of time away and going out to dinner are restaurants we long for---though I  think that we do plenty of that too.

We have family in Kuwait and friends in Doha right now (for the next year and more) and have been thinking about them in the desert heat.  Wow, I am not sure how I would get motivated to go outside! I love the sunshine but Sean and I were talking this morning about how much we start panicking when we cannot find a place that is shady.

Well those are my random thoughts. I don't have much profound to offer the world- so be it.

I think I'll get dressed soon. We have a street fair to get too!


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