Facebook makes it official.

Well I posted on facebook the truth of my pregnancy and the expectation of a baby joining our family in January.  This is the wording of the post:

Because it's getting weird that people don't know. And because people who know from other places in my life are mentioning it here- Sean, Junia, Miriam and I are are welcoming a new person into our family in January. (which will be happening by way of pregnancy-as their are many awesome ways to welcome new people in to families!)

I will probably not post anything else via facebook about the pregnancy and stuff there.   Perhaps a complaining filled post when I get to the final dregs of pregnancy but otherwise I'll probably just toss a photo of a baby up sometime in January.

We are also heading to the midwest for a long weekend in October and I have no desire to have to tell, in person, the myriad of people I might run into.  In fact, at baby number three I just hate telling people.  I just cannot handle the questions,

 "what are you having?"
         We don't know and if we did we aren't sure we would tell you.

"when are you due?"
        Due dates are arbitrary.  MLK day if you want a specific but you won't remember so no need to ask.

"You must want a boy then?"
        Um. Really? Do you think we care on way or the other? Who is to say our baby boy is comfortable with that gender anyway.

The questions people never ask are,

"how are you feeling, emotionally, about expanding your family?"

"how do you see this impacting your family as it is now?"

or even more basically,

"are congratulations in order" -because sometimes another baby doesn't feel like a good thing.

I know that some people like the surface questions. I also know that when I ask the more meaningful questions of people sometimes they go with it and sometimes they don't.  But if they answer me, then  I feel like I got to know them and vice versa instead of filling my life with words.

What do you think? What kind of questions about various life stages drive you bonkers? Which ones do you want more of?



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