Death, Pregnancy...ready to birth.

We just got back from a long weekend in Chicago-land.  It was for Sean's Grandfather.  Sean felt tremendous affection for him.  I too always enjoyed his presence.  He will be missed, but his passing was peaceful, expected and from all accounts a good death.

Our travels were relatively uneventful.  The girls are now at an age where they travel very very well. So really, they are pretty easy.  My body on the other hand is revealing itself as 34 weeks pregnant.  The last leg of our flight was literally miserable.  I was freaking out with misery.  Just so you all know, if you die in the next 6 weeks or so I will not be flying to your funeral.  I will just sit here on my comfortable couch and my Non-hotel bed and mourn you.  It would be better though if you all would just refrain from dying.

I received ample commentary on my very pregnant self.  Most of it pissed me off.  Once again I face the reality that most people are not curious and not very supportive.  And why oh why do people I barely met feel so invested in the sex of my fetus (or gender assignment until said child can claim one for themselves)...God help them.  God help me to forgive them.   More than anything there was a mental shift.  Something about all the commentary made me sick and tired of being the target of people's pregnancy projections, and more ready to just be the family that we are.  Though people's projections of family life are also strong they are somehow less imposing...less physically intrusive, less full of people's personal trauma...

So alas, we are back, and enjoying the rain. The 50+ degree weather.
Now strangely I have to go to work...that seems so odd.


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