I haven't been able to connect my blog to my photos in months and it is driving me crazy!

I used to pull photos from our hard drive on our computer, it worked well I just used a point and shoot camera and kept it handy.  It  worked well.  But now we use a cloud based computing device so my method for picture storage hasn't caught up.  It didn't matter at first.  I connected my blog to my phone and would just pull pictures from there.

Somewhere between there and here my phone and my blog got disconnected.  So I cannot access those pictures...oh the ways I have tried to interconnect them. I am quite frustrated.  It seems like my smart phone is connected too way more than I want it to be- I download an app and they want every detail of my life---but for the life of me I cannot get my pictures from my phone to this blog.

Well, I am still working on it.
Until then, thank you faithful READERs....


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