Notes from a growing Family 11

So many things I want to blog about, and so little time! My hands are often busy at home and busy at work.  And so many of the things I want to blog about aren't really worthy of an entire post...

*When Junia and Miriam are playing Junia often calls Miriam "Hon" but where does she get this from? Sean and I never call one another "hon" and well...we don't live in the South.

*We are working on getting Thomas to sleep in his own bed. He is doing great so far.  Last night he was up only once. It was for an hour...but still 1 hour is better than 6 times for 2 minutes.  He cries himself to sleep, but developmentally he just can't be in our bed. It's not good for us as a family, and if we rock him to sleep and place him in his bed it doesn't last.

*I forgot how when your little baby starts to sleep better in the night you grown up self takes awhile to adjust.  So yes, I still slept lousy last night.

*My daughters play together very well.
*My daughters are going to kill each other with their distain for one another.
*My daughters sometimes swallow one another with mutual love.

*Having a good day with the kiddos where I am super present to them and engaged with them usually means the house is trashed.

*It's not getting dark here until 9:30pm or so, but I keep forgetting to go outside once the kiddos are asleep.

*My garden is gorgeous (in sort of a newspaper all over the ground to keep out the weeds and reusing various containers in  a redneck sort of way).  I have so much hope for it.  Will it or won't it work out? We shall see.

*I am kind of over breastfeeding.  The amount of time I would have to spend nursing to keep up with his demand isn't cutting it.  His weight garnered concern and my low supply contributed to the problem.   My inclination is he is much healthier with half formula half breastmilk.  And with some complex feelings I am happier too.

*Spending a lot of mental energy considering what it is for Miriam to be in the middle.  What it is to occupy the middle..and what it is for me to be a middle child as well...

*We have lots of plans ahead this summer...a visit from my younger brother who I almost never see (has he even met Miriam?) a wedding in Portland (neither of us are presiding so we get to sit next to each other at this one!), a visit from a very special family to our little Island as they move to the West Coast and await all of their belongings, a family vacation to Alaska, another visit from my Brother and his family, a camper trip with the grandparents, and hopefully a long weekend with Buddy (my Mom)

*We also have some projects going on...repainting the lower kitchen cabinets, clearing some brush, putting in a fall garden...keeping our kiddos alive :)

So that's what's going on in these parts.


  1. I always enjoy reading your thoughts, seeing the pics, and I love that last pic of the kids. :-)

    A long time ago, when K was in preschool, we had a speaker (for the parents) who talked about birth order. It was a really great talk. Wish I could remember who it was. She had us all (the parents -- about 150 of us) divide into groups based on OUR birth order: the oldests, the youngests, the middles, and various others: middle of a large family, oldest of just two or three, etc. (I'm 4th of 6.)

    Then we had to answer a bunch of questions about our place in the pack. One rep from each group got up and talked about it in front of the group. Very funny. "I'm the responsible one." (oldest) "I'm the princess and got everything I wanted." (youngest) "I got all the hand me downs, and never anything new." (middle of a large pack)

    Not sure what this has to do with Miriam, but your comments just reminded me of that meeting oh so many years ago.

    Love you!! Hope we can meet up soon!!


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