Without Water

We haven't had water for the past 24 hours.  
Well that's not totally true. We have had a trickle that requires boiling for 20 hours, and now we have NO water.

So all the things I would do today I cannot do.

Cooking anything involving water
Clean anything involving water (dishes, clothes, bodies, tables)
Play anything that requires water or water to clean it up
Wash my hands well after a diaper change 

Of course more obvious things are not going to happen:
Water the garden.
Take a shower.
FIll up the paddle pool.
Flush the toilet...

All of these require water.    One of my plans for the day is to walk to our favorite Island creek and let the kiddos splash around.  In total jest I am imagining myself taking the laundry and dishes down there!

 But then in seriousness things like this (and when our electricity goes out) leave me thinking about how many women in the world walk miles to get water every day!  How precious that water must feel to them!!! I am hoarding the water we have in the tea kettle, and the gallon jugs we bought at the store.

In the midst of this I am thinking about how precious the water of baptism must have been to people around the world.  Even in wet places (but especially in dry ones) the sacrament of baptism takes on a whole new meaning when water is scarce, hard to control, or simply a necessity of life that also requires tremendous work...


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