All of the sudden.

And all of the sudden she is potty trained.  Yup, just like that Miriam decided that instead of fighting about the potty she would just boss us around about how we behave when she uses the potty.  Her rules:

1. Don't be in the same room.
2. Don't flush it- she gets to do that.
3. Don't you dare celebrate her or clap. In general just don't make a big deal of it.
4. If you react at all you must first ask permission. "Can I say good job?"

Months ago we had predicted that one day she would simply decide that she would comply with mainstream methods of dealing with body waste.  For months now she has had it under control.  So yes,  that is pretty much what happened.  Oh this girls is so delightfully stubborn and funny.  She learns like me though! She wants to take it all in, she doesn't want to be vulnerable, and dear God being celebrated is so uncomfortable...


  1. Those beautiful, wonderful children.



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