Ordinary Dreaming

There are mornings where I wake up, shower, dress and head off to work. Efficiently I begin my day and when I am lucky my efficency carries into my work day...and then these day with the kids are a mixed bag of early mornings, coaxing Thomas back to sleep, letting the girls watch TV, going back to bed (or not), loading up on coffee and starting the day either with fantasies of going back to bed or with a gusto about all I can accomplish in the day.

Today, after coaxing Thomas back to bed and letting the girls watch too much TV I was able to snag another 2 hours of sleep and am now ready to face this day!  Perhaps a trip to the library, painting another coat on the kitchen cabinets, art projects, maybe fold the laundry, water the garden, submit a blog post, read some poetry, care for my children in the most loving ways, prepare 2 more healthy meals, write a book, consider a PhD program, save the earth, forage for dinner, raise and eat only free range meat, become a vegetarian, lose 100lbs, and live until I'm 100.

but wait the baby is now crying.
the laundry is much too tall to fold in 20 minutes.
The play room needs reorganized on top of cleaning it up
cabinets will all get touched by child hands if i I paint.
Miriam just wacked Junia.

So maybe I'll wait on the PhD program?
And let this day unfold it it's own ordinary way, full of dreams and covered in realities.


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