Goodbye Baby.

Packing up the newborn clothes for the 0-3 isn't so bad.  There are so few newborn clothes and I felt so grateful he was finally gaining weight.

And when I packed up the 0-3 month clothes there were so many that were 0-6 months that I just left a bunch of them in.  After all, I can squeeze his diaper a little tighter to button it.

But today the switch of clothing into 6-12 months makes this tiny baby officially moving on towards becoming a toddler.  Sure, sure, he's got a ways to go.  But the next time I overhaul his clothes he will be a totally different kind of kid.

So there it is.  That grief that sneaks up on you. The goodbye of babyhood dripping into the daily reality of life.  The possibility (and likelyhood) that I will never have another tiny little baby of mine in my arms.  The sweet relief is a long term vision.  The day to day is drops of sadness.


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