How does your garden grow?

About two times a week I head out to the garden and fill it with delicious things.
About 3 or 4 times a week I head out to the garden to gather greens that we will be eating that day.

Some not necessarily related thoughts on the garden:

The  deer have not gotten in this year and so our garden has been abundant.
There is evidence of some moles in the garden though, but I figure that since our garden is so swampy in the winter the change of season should stop them from colonizing there.

I am a beet convert.  I don't want to eat them all the time but I do want to eat them. They are lovely. Their greens are lovely. Their pickled stems are lovely.

We are bringing in about 2 pints of cherry tomatoes every week. I wonder what I would do in a hot environment where I could grow enough tomatoes to can them.  I think I might have to let go of that dream. I just don't live in the right environment.  My kiddos though eat tomatoes like candy.

I've had some good success with cucumbers this year.
The squash needs better soil then what I put it in.
The pumkins are spreading like mad but not going to fruit.
I should've thinned the green beans.

I am excited that we will have some fall veggies.
We have chard at all levels of growth.
Some brussells sprouts.

I don't think we save money in our garden.
I do think that we could argue that we break even, especially when I consider our fruit trees, and once our raspberries and blueberries start producing as well.... Also educational piece for our kiddos is "priceless." (sorry I did that. .)


  1. Yes, indeed! "Priceless" education for the kids. I didn't grow up gardening, and don't do it now. I've always said I kill rocks, I have such a black thumb! I bet everything is delicious. We love beets too. YUM!!


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