Here I go.

I am pooped.  Work has been in a long stretch of day to day to day with little or no free time.  We had a childcare provider suddenly leave on us and have to patch it together for a couple of weeks and also search  and hire and train a new childcare provider. I have not been getting enough sleep, for some reason I am not sleeping through the night yet. I am also struggling with unhealthy spikes of self loathing.

So alas I am ready for the deep breath of the actual school year to start.  I am ready for the routine a bit more. Ready for meetings and free timeband events and vacation, and meaning making that is the mix of my work.

But yes. Right now I am pooped. It is only 5:46 and I have been in my PJ's since 5.  I might use the TV for some childcare tonight.  I am going to work really hard to be kind to my beloveds. . .

So that's that: A snippet of real life.


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