Junia's world is getting bigger.

Sent into her first day of kindergarten she handled it all with utter grace.  Sean, Junia and myself arrived at the school, waited for the bell to ring, and then we all went to her classroom.  We unpacked her glue sticks, her gallon size ziplock bags, and her hand sanitizer.  And as she had told us she would she took her necklace out of her backpack and in a small sweet ritual of her own making put on the necklace she bought with her birthday money (thanks Buddy).

She found her seat.
She found her nametag.
We gave her a big hug.

And we were off.  With only glimpse of the possibility of tears Sean and I headed to work.


  1. Oh Wow. That's all I can say. She's growing up so fast. The sweet little girl I held in my arms oh so long ago.


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