Rainy, Rainy

It is rainy, rainy, rainy, rainy, rainy.

I think this is the rainiest autumn we have ever had here.(I am not sure of that, rain feels different on the Island than it did in the city)  But my oh my I am sick and tired to feeling trapped inside. So that's why we are done being inside.  Today we went on walk in the pouring rain.  We have been playing in the carport.

Though we are ready for Christmas and all that goes with that I am downright thrilled that starting tomorrow the days are getting longer.  Oh for light!? Oh for the quiet hints of spring (there are already buds on the trees here).  I am happy to have the season of winter- only because of the promise of longer and longer days!

On another note our Christmas preparations are finished. I think that we have 2 presents left to wrap (which Sean is doing right now) we still have some grocery shopping but all in all we are looking forward to settling into the days ahead, being with the kids, fighting about petty things, playing some board games...you know...

Tomorrow I am off to decorate the Chapel at work for a couple of hours, and deliver some goodies to Sean's staff...if only it will stop raining.


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