Lent. Sharing why Jesus died.

Spring is starting to pop up all around us, but me? I've got to haul through February.

What are you doing for Lent?  This might have been the year for Junia to "give up" something.  But we aren't going to push it.

I find the rhetoric around salvation annoying.  My kids ask, "Why did Jesus get killed?"
We could say, "He died for our sins."
But that doesn't mean anything to me. That is such a trope.  So old. So banal.

So during our lent we are reading 1 Gospel story about Jesus' life every time we sit down to dinner.
We are putting  a scrap of paper with the story title up on the wall.  Hopefully  by Eastertime they will be in the shape of a cross.

We are talking a lot about how Jesus' life choices- to love those around him- and love the outsiders and rejected folks- that is what got him killed.

Jesus died by the (equivalent of) electric chair.  He pissed people off.

Did he die for my sins?
I don't know about that.
But at Easter he came back and in symbol said, "You can fuck up all you want, but you cannot reject me."

That makes sense to me.


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