Holy Week overwhelmed.

I just got off the phone with Sean so that I could cry.

This week (and probably next week too) I am drowning.

The balance of Holy Week and all the extra tasks that means for my work life. In addition to the insane hours on days that I usually have off is drowning me.

We need a relief pitcher in the game of parenting.  We already called in a relief pitcher for yesterday but we couldn't get someone for this afternoon...Oh what I would give for someone to come in for 4 hours this afternoon and fill in.  Instead I am trying to go to work with 3 little kids and (assist in) supervising 5 twenty year olds.

This is no easy feet. Watching the kiddos is hard! Thomas is not super safe. The girls like being at my "work church" but sometimes they end up playing in water or with fire (literally)....just put them in front of a TV or a computer... not easy in this setting...

I am ready to cry at the balancing of it.
Ready to lose it.
But as we overwhelmed working parents know, that doesn't actually fix the gap.


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