On home.

We flew out of SEA and landed in St. Louis 3.5 hours later.
Here we are.  After 18 months I/we are back in this place where I have spent SO much time.

We are back in this place I grew up just for a visit.
Visiting Mom and Brother and SIL and niecews and the geography.
Somehow visiting the geography seems important too. It is part of what happens at home.

We are visiting the geography of familiarity and of flatness (vastness).

After this very long stretch of not being here I am mostly stunned by the strange experience of how things can look the same.  I am sitting in a chair in my Mom's living room looking across the field at a machine shed: all white with red doors, about a mile off.  I have never spent any time thinking about this shed. I have never dreamed about it or considered it.  But it is fully a part of my landscape here.  It is familiar.

 My roots are deep here.  When things change I notice.
In Seattle I don't have a generation of history, and to be honest it is an urban environment and change is just a different beast in an urban setting.  But here change is slow: imagined over the course of a generation.

Does any of this make sense?

How can things that I have never consciously considered be so deeply embedded in my imagination and in my view of things?  How can the world be so familiar here?


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