The Octave of Easter

The 8 days after Easter are called the "Octave of Easter." I know that you all were partying for 8 days.  I am sure that you just now recovering.  I on the other hand was in the midst of chaotic, rich, wonderful, and horrible hard work of  In short, it's been brutal folks.

And so now without further adieu it is time for vacation.  It is time to get a rental car covered in snacks.  Time to over pack for an adventure. Time to take a day trip and forget something crucial and have to buy another on the way.  It is time for vacation.

We are heading to the midwest where it is supposed to be significantly more chilly than it is here.  I suspect we will miss the warmth.  (Though the funny thing is we usually end up in the midwest when it is 100 degrees or 20 degrees so 50 isn't bad.) And so, it must be that I am nearly on vacation because I am blogging about the weather.

In other news:

I am obsessed with the podcast Dear Sugar.
Thomas is now walking- still crawling more than walking but he now chooses to walk sometimes unprompted.
We got our tax return and are going to purchase a new mattress and bed platform.  Recommendations?
And dear readers I owe you 100 posts about Judaism particularly Hasidic Judaism. Because I am obsessed with it. . . but where oh where to start?


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