Not much.

In the past 7 nights I have been home at bedtime for 2 nights.  Some of those have been nights away and some of them have been just late nights of work.  I have this (far fetched?) belief that after working (again) tonight things will let up to a more normal routine.

We had a meeting with the Canadian Border patrol scheduled for Saturday so that we can get nexus cards. I am thrilled about the idea of nexus cards, but not as thrilled as I am that our meeting got delayed and we can have a weekend at home.

Apparently I have been fooling the world. My garden is totally behind this season. It is covered in weeds. The buttercups are taking over, and generally it just looks like a garden mess. Two people saw me this week and said, "I see you've been gardening a lot lately." Except that the only evidence was a photo on facebook of the asparagus that I planted last year coming up again.... Anyway, I am hoping to get some time in the garden this weekend. To pull out some weeds, to figure out the location of some things.  Above all I just need some time at home.

But tonight I have to attend a Confirmation at the Cathedral.  It will be lovely I have no doubt.  It is also another night in the city.  I am tired of working nights.

We bought a mattress.  Before it arrived we decided to return it.  You see, once we knew we were going to buy a new mattress we thought it would be nice to buy a real bed frame- headboard and all.  So we bought one, assembled it and once we put our old mattress on it, our old mattress is now quite good again.  Anyway, there are some other things we can do with the tax return that was paying for the new mattress anyway.  While I am spewing out random thoughts, I think that mattress and bed are used inter changeably the way that wheel and tire are.  They seem like the same thing but then when it comes down to the particular details they really aren't.

Okay. So that is all. Maybe I can get back on the blogging


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