What is going on.

Those of you who see me day to day or even a couple of times a week know what has been going on in my religious imagination .  But I know that a lot of my blog readers don't interact with me every day.  So here's what is up.

No I am not sick.
I am not pregnant.
I am not going to go get a PhD.

I am obsessed with Judaism.  There  I said it. It is true.  

In January we went to NYC and did some Jewish touring. We got a tour, went to a synagogue and a couple of other things.  I came home and started reading and reading and reading.  I have read scores of books about Jews, Judaism  and Judaica.  I am in. I am in deep.

I am not enamored.  Or at least not blindly so. I see misogyny. I see theological problems. I see all the same kinds of messes I see in my own Christian setting.  I don't think I am going to convert to Judiasm, but to be honest that isn't off the table.

My imagination is full of Jewish things.  I went through a phase in April where I kept having dreams that I was an orthodox Jewish woman and couldn't find something to cover my hair with.

I am grappling with the power of the holocaust in the religious imagination of Jews.
I am encountering the very Jewish Jesus in a whole new way.
I am engaging deeply with the reality of ethnicity and religion being bound up together.
I am listening to the recurring story of opression.
I am uncovering a whole other side of the stories in the Torah.

I am also trusting deeply that God, "uses what we have..." and so this interest will land and be fruitful in ways I cannot yet imagine.


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