What is home.

We are home.

Maybe you didn't even realize that we had left home. But yes, we have been gone for 7 days.  Travel with 3 little ones is a pain in the ass.  If we had an unlimited amount of money we would have flown into St Louis and out of Indianpolis and it would have all been easier.  Like the other 99% we don't have that kind of dough.  So we flew into O'Hare which was 6 hours from anywhere we wanted to be. . . so lots of driving.

All that driving meant that the kids looked like this.
Of the 100's of Dolls that are my first cousins, aunts, and uncles, spouses and children we are the Only family that lives west of the Rocky mountains.  And the number that lives west of the Mississippi and East of the Ohio river is slim.  So yes basically my family is midwestern through and through.

Thomas was watching a game of t-ball
.I am not sure why my family hasn't moved farther away from "home." I can't speak for them.    Are you a person who has stayed close to where you come from- why?

I am sometimes jealous of people's closeness with geography.  I am also keenly aware that if my Dad hadn't died I would probably be pulled closer to the place I come from. His death freed me from the geographical boundaries of that relationship.  There is not PLACE to go be with him. Love is a factor too right? I met and made a choice to love, and be in relationship with Sean.  Sean's world is expansive as well.  He is not limited by geography...though maybe we are more limited than we let on.

The Hospitality Committee for the DFR'T Show (DFR art show)
But alas we are home. Trying to sort out all the details of next year with work, school, life and of course what kind of adventures we hope to have for the rest of the summer.

The kids were driving me bonkers, I promised $20 to any kid that caught a squirrel (and 10 if you caught a chipmunk)

Sunset on the plains.


  1. Rachel, John wanted me to tell you that on Tues. night as the kids were finishing their swim Junia came up to him and said, "I don't think I'll see you for a long time and I just wanted to say good-bye." Such a sweet girl.

  2. Oh my that is cute. (and heartbreaking a bit for me too). My Mom had a series of super sweet talks with her 2 years ago- also next to the pool...

    You didn't answer my question- why did you guys stay close to home?

  3. Of the six kids in my family, all but one have stayed close to home (most within 45 minutes of our childhood home, one about two hours north). All of us were born and raised in the Puget Sound area. My dad was a Boeing "lifer." That kept us here, and a number of family now work there too. My one sib, the photographer, has lived all over the place, following his career.

    I'm comfortable here. I just like the place. Though I've traveled a bit, I really doubt I'd live elsewhere.

    (Love the expression on Junia's face in the car. I remember those long car rides, because though we always have lived here, we used to car travel (with a family of 8, plus usually a couple of tag alongs, it was WAY too expensive to fly anywhere)).


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