Things that are breaking my heart

  • Someone asked me yesterday if I had considered taking a break from ministry to be with my kids more. There was so much judgement. So much not knowing me.  It sucked.

  • An acquaintance who shares many worlds with me was venting about not knowing anyone who could talk to a group about the intersection of simple living and faith.  My heart might have fallen out of my chest and rolled across the floor.  It made me feel so unknown.

  • My friend Patti is dead.
    • Fuck cancer.

  • My brother Tim having to go back to Beirut yesterday. My heart aches for him, Annie, Mary and Isaac.

  • Craig. Who I have never met but who is newly unemployed and life around it is so complicated.

  • This election. People not being heard or known or educated.

  • Trying to sort out hope. Trying to plan. Trying to dream.


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