What of these days.  What of lately.

I keep seeing people and they say, "Wow, I haven't seen you in a long time."  It has been that kind of season. I can't locate my needs. I can't figure out if I want more social or less. If I am withdrawing or drawing near....

So what...of lately.

I have a beloved friend who is dying.
She is surrounding herself with people she loves.
Fortifying herself from people whom she loves but who are also work to be around.
Honoring people who love her (and who she loves) by letting them be with her.
Very very few friends have been as generous to me as she has.
Maybe when she dies I will weep before this keyboard and tell you about her.
I chokes me up to know that she won't be sitting across her own keyboard reading it.

Our pit of discernment continues.
What are our dreams for us...individually and as a family.

I cannot believe how much food we eat in a week.
Seriously we EAT SO MUCH food.
Everyone in this house now eats grown up proportions.
Food in the PNW is expensive.
I cannot believe it.

Our chickens are still not laying eggs.
Come on ladies make yourself useful.

Work is FINALLY settling into the ordinary season.  My weeks are more predictably full and I can schedule things better.  Hopefully I can find a rhythm.

So that is us.



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