It has been nearly a month since I've blogged. So much has happened in this month, and yet so little has happened.

A new president got elected. There is no ignoring the injustices facing minoritized communities anymore.  It is in our face now.  Some of those minoritized communities voted for Trump some did not.

The first of the significant holidays of winter came and went.  My children played with their cousins with utter delight and glee. They cried when we left.

In November the kiddos learned to sing the litany of saints.  We sang it every evening at dinner.  Some evenings we names our beloved dead, "Patti, PawPaw, Great Grandpa. . . " Now we are on to "Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel" (slightly modified to not be supersessionist) and "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord"

It's Advent so that has me thinking about God's justice.  It has me reflecting on the utter hatred being spewed at people lately and the need for God's table turning way of being with the suffering.  How can I be an agent for that?  Also just thinking about not being a wuss in the face of confrontation.

I've only really begun to listen to post-election analysis.  I've sort of tapped in and out.  Sometimes it takes a moment to figure out how to take a deep breath.  Now I am ready to take some deep breaths and move forward, to listen, to work if need be.

Also I am giving up being smug.  It is killing us. see here Smugness

We are talking with the kids a lot about injustice and justice in the midst of Advent.  That God comes into a messy world with messy politics and messy power.  That God comes to give good news to the poor.  Who are the poor? What is the good news? Then and now?

We are also going to Canada for the weekend because sometimes that needs to happen.


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