What I will miss.

Sean and I are unlikely to have another child.  So now as Thomas approaches 2 years I am keenly aware of all the crappy things I don't have to do again.  I am relieved that, unless the unforeseeable becomes a reality, I don't have to repeat some of this toddler junk.  Maybe this is all felt exponentially because I am really really enjoying parenting Miriam and Junia at this age.  I like parenting kids!

But in the midst of this the question is what will I miss?

-I will miss Thomas's small body. I already miss being able to carry Miriam and Junia around.  And though  I don't love carrying him for long bits of time I do love that I can.  He is a lightweight little guy and I love flinging him about.

-I already miss the easy of babyhood.  I miss leaving a baby somewhere and the baby being there when you get back.  But that hasn't happend for over a year so...

-I will miss the undeniable cuteness of babyhood. Sure my kids are cute. But there is something utterly cute about babies.

-I will miss naps. All of my 3 little ones have been amazing. amazing. amazing. nappers. Even Junia (who is 7) takes a nap periodically still. But Miriam (4) and Thomas (almost 2) are epic nappers. The day that the nap disappears will be a sad sad day in this house.

-Dressing little ones however you want!

-What else will I miss? I don't know. There will probably be things I miss about babyhood...but alas I like these kids. I like knowing who they are becoming.  I like having a relationships with my kiddos that is not just about doing things for them but being in relationship with them.



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