Super religious post- on the last evening of Advent.

Tonight is the last night of Advent.  The season of wondering how God will come into the world again is answered in the next season...the Christmas season reminds me that the way God comes into the world is through intimacy.   In the chaos of life God comes to us by coming through us.  The world is falling apart at the seams.  But isn't it always? That doesn't mean it's okay. I'm not saying it is. but these seams have been stretched before.

In the face of loss and suffering, in the face of violence, in the face of world leaders who abuse people through systems and individual acts I hope that people find their own hope in what lays beyond.  I am not a Christian who thinks a lot about the afterlife.  I don't find the dream of what lays beyond helpful.  I could believe that it is because I am better than others, but time has taught me it is only my privilege. In a life full of suffering the dream of what lays beyond is important.   

What lays beyond for me, in the midst of privilege and faith?  Figuring out how to live the gospel in a way that risks my own comfort.  Figuring out how to be bold and afraid. . . taking risks for love and for life...listening. So much listening....

Jesus, Emmanuel, he didn't show up first preaching. He showed up, as all children do, ready to take it in and learn.  To pick up on the language, to figure out his body, to test the limits of society and culture.  And then, from their to grow into adulthood and shout out truth...


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