Spring or Autumn

How can Sean and I plan for something for next Autumn when we aren't even into springtime? Because I am so sick of winter, because I am so tired of snow, because this Worcester winter remains sunless I am desparate for springtime. I long for the full leaf buds of April, I crave the dafodils of March, I yearn for that day when you realize, without your knowing, all of the grass turned green.

Still weeks away from any of that I cannot help but dread a certian aspect of the wedding. On October 11th we will be squarely situated in the throws of autumn. Nice enough after a hot and humid summer. But with Autumn closer to being behind us and than ahead of us and with spring still on the horizon I dread October. The vibrant colors of fall, when I see them now, make me dread the winter. Give me light greens, and yellows. Show me daisys and crocus. Let the leaves burst out of the trees. It already depresses me to imagine them falling off no matter what vibrant color they might be. Give me spring. . .I'll take even the mud, the rain, and the graduations.
Seasons: rescue from winter. And may the journey to October prepare me for all the vibrant colors of life with Sean. May our winters find warmth our springs burst with life, our summers be gentle and slow and may our autumns lead us to one another.


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