Elopement or excitement?

I am so friggin sick of wedding logistics. I have no desire to think about who will help with parking, or what color the chairs will be, or what person will pick up the Mums. The problem? We'll it's only March and I am already sick of all these things. Uh Oh!

So this past weekend where the parents met each other, where we "tasted" at a potential caterer, where we started working on the centerpeices the word alopement was brought up. Why can't Sean and I just avoid all the drama, all the cost, all the complications and just get married? Essentailly it doesn't go with the core value that marriages happen in the context of a community and thus weddings should symbolize that. But at times this weekend it was on the table . . .up for discussion. . .

Sunday night we went into St. Louis and went contra-dancing. Okay, it is always akward dancing with strangers esp. when they are all sweaty. But it made me excited about dancing at the wedding. I can imagine how fun it will be to dance and laugh with our friends and family come October. For the first time in a month I am back to being excited about our Wedding and BBQ. I am not only looking forward to being married but to the wedding itself.


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