The big day?

Sean graduated this week which means I've been socializing more than usual. People have been coming up to me and saying, "are you ready for the big day?" I have been giving them a big blank stare. Which big day do they mean? Sean's graduation, going to Mexico for this service trip (May 19-29), moving to Seattle. . . oh the wedding. That event that seems far far in the distance. . .

Once I figure out that people are usually refering to the wedding, my answer is no. It's May. Am I supposed to be ready?

The good thing about all this socializing time with friends and family is that through it all I feel more secured and more centered in my relationship with Sean. Our values and desires become more clear when we have to articulate them to others and sometimes even make demands of others out of those values.

So October's "big day" is coming. But it's still far off. I still have today. . .


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