Housing is harder than caterers

Looking for apartments in Seattle is worse than looking for caterers in St. Louis. At least caterers want your business. Some landlords seem put off my our interest! Give me a break! We are willing to hand over thousands upon thousands of dollars a year to live in a place and they can be so rude! Grrr. Not to mention the fact that we seem to be competing with every other young twenty-something couple in Seattle. Maybe if we wait a month they will have all found places to live and I'll just be Sean and I?! What'd'ya think. . .

Lots of houses are UGLY!
Lots of houses are Far far away from interesting neighborhoods!
Some houses have tenants who have pets that make viewing the house impossibly difficult with tremendous smells to overcome!
Some places won't let our non stinky dog live with us!
Some places are just right- but they aren't for rent!

What is essentially hard about this is that Sean and I have begun our move to Seattle in a more real way. If only mentally, we are moving from fantasy to reality about this move. It's still exciting but the realities are becoming more real. From grieving the loss of our apartment in Worcester (Wow we love that place!) to remembering how hard it is to make friends and build community in a new city and place. Though the transition can not go as badly as the one to Massachusetts (I pray it can't) I go to sleep tonight actually feeling more scared about moving than I've felt in a long time.


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