Because Sean and I will be on wedding hiatus for most of July (somehow I suspect that a road trip will not be conducive to planning a wedding) we are trying to get all the things done that need to be done by the middle of August. So the latest wedding thing on the table is invitations. Let me just say that there are so many options around the wording.

There are the politics: who is paying for what
There are the logistics: the date, time, year, location (there is no address for Doll's Orchard Lake!)
There are the emotions: me- dead father- parent(s?)
There is the style: religious?, casual?,

Then finally there is the reality that these decisions about all of this (which to ignore? which to uplift? etc) has to be discussed. This is great but where is the time, and where is the mental and emotional space? Quite the challenge

We are coming along alright. We have mostly decided on which invitations to use and have decided which of these options to ignore and which to emphasize.

Keep on trucking I guess.


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